Media Placements

Fox News: Uber Under Scrutiny for for Covering Up Consumer Hack 

My client is a cybersecurity expert, and CEO of an email encyription company. Due to my relationship with the media team at Fox News, I was able to secure his expertise and insight as an expert source for the story on Uber’s consumer hack.

The Today Show: ‘I am strong’: How a mom who gained 160 pounds while pregnant lost it all

I work with a fitness studio called Studio SWEAT onDemand. It is an online fitness solution that allows users to stream classes at-home, in a gym-like setting. While it may sound like any other “stream from home” fitness solution, my goal was to pull a greater story out of the success this streaming service has allowed its users to reach. I identified a key member who had overcome a huge weight loss transformation. I contacted her by email and then over the phone, and transcribed her story. From there, I strategically put it together and pitched it to relevant media contacts. The result was INCREDIBLE. Her story was on the homepage of The Today Show’s website

NBC Los Angeles: Baby Show Expo in Anaheim 

nbcTwo of my clients were participating in the JPMA Baby Show. With outreach efforts to local media, I secured the local, Los Angeles NBC news team to do live-shots at the location of the baby show. Both clients were interviewed on the morning show and previewed their participation at this year’s show.

San Diego Union Tribune: Finding the Beauty in Pageants 

After pitching PreVue Formal & Bridal as being a unique prom and pageant superstore in San Diego, I secured placement in the San Diego Union Tribune. Prior to this placement, the formal and bridal store had never had a public relations team working on media placement. As the only PR employee, I created a relevant media list, pitched the story and secured placement with the Union Tribune for a wonderful article about the pageant world and the unique opportunity PreVue provides for its pageant customers. The article landed on the front page of the Union Tribune print edition on August 3, 2015.


CW6: War on Drugs in San Diego Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.59.44 PM

I pitched a package on client, McAlister Institute and its efforts to fight against the war on drugs. The package aired on CW6’s evening news on Friday, April 1, 2016.

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