Alex James

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaybaaaajgvhzti1ytzllwm5yzgtngrkmc05nwy3ltrmnzy4nzc3yjywnqAlex James is a Public Relations Director and story-telling pro. She is a skilled multi-tasker, detail oriented, strategic in nature and only settles for her best work.

Fueled by writing, adventuring, believing and doing, high-energy and fast-paced environments are where Alex does best. She has experience in a large realm of industries including: healthcare, fashion, non-profit, baby, tech, food/wine and education. She has represented clients as experts, products and services.

Alex is passionate about making a difference and representing clients that do so. It brings her great pride to spread awareness and change behaviors of her clients’ publics. Through Alex’s extensive knowledge of local and national media, she has built relationships and used those to meet the needs of her clients. Being a news junkie, she is constantly up-to-date on all topics relating to her clients and she knows how to put a creative edge on nearly anything. She uses her background in journalism, public relations, and social media, mixed with her innovative and creative mind, to bring campaigns, ideas and strategies to life.

Alex has conducted and created countless public relations strategies, has then executed, and then reported on their success. She has experience managing those procedures and sees them through.

For more information on Alex’s experience, background and portfolio, feel free to browse around.

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